You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Early mornings. Late nights. Long weekends. Building a successful practice that serves your clients’ best interests by safeguarding their hard-earned wealth. But just who is looking out for your best interests? It’s a question that gets asked far too infrequently.  




It’s your name, your vision and your practice. Aligning with Aurora simply affords you an opportunity to build it more quickly, operate it more efficiently, and manage it more profitably. After all, independence shouldn’t mean isolation.



Whether you are a sole practitioner or an ensemble team, if your firm is passionate about developing and expanding client relationships, eager to shed most of the administrative, compliance, operational, and asset management responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best, then Aurora is an ideal fit for your future.




When you first started out in this business, you had no choice but to take on the duties of head chef, maître d’, waiter and busboy. Over time, however, you’ve grown to understand the areas of your business you genuinely enjoy and excel at, as well as the tasks that while essential, are far from what motivate you. Why not turn over those unfulfilling aspects of your business to someone who excels at the operational aspects of running a practice, so you can focus on doing what you love.

“Quite simply we are driven to provide you with the support and service that makes a difference, adds real value and helps you achieve your goals.”

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  • Upon making the decision to join Aurora Private Wealth, a transition specialist will be assigned to help coordinate and quarterback all aspects of your transition. He or she, in conjunction with the selected custodian will partner with you on the following:
    • Formulate a customized Plan for your transition
    • Create a client communication strategy
    • Coordinate your clients’ transition paperwork (Electronically or Traditional)
    • Track and manage the new account process and transfer documents
    • Confirm successful transition of client assets
  • Being an independent advisor has many rewards but also many responsibilities, one of which is marketing your practice. Our ability to support your practice begins with providing you with the resources to build your brand. You can expect two things from Aurora that you won’t find at any other firm. The freedom to create a unique brand for your practice, and the resources to help you build it. Our solutions provide you with resources to assist you with:

    • Web Marketing (Concept, Design)
    • Social Media (Setup, Planning, Pre-written content)
    • Core Collateral (Stationary, Brochures, Logos, Pitchbooks)
    • Client Communications (Campaigns, Newsletters, Touch Points, Presentations, Mailers, etc.)
    • Office Experience (On hold messages, Posters, Signage)

  • Compliance for independent advisors can provide challenges, and tends to be time consumptive. We have you covered. Aurora Private Wealth provides complete and responsible compliance support to your practice. Our in-house compliance personnel provides your firm with all of the functions of compliance you need, and more. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Advertising/Marketing Reviews
    • Email Archiving/Surveillance
    • Written Supervisory Procedures
    • Regulatory Registrations
    • Annual Updates/Amendments

  • Implementing an effective operational strategy can create a competitive advantage to drive business decisions. Our team of innovative, experienced staff, coupled with best-of-breed technologies, can help you create a middle-office operation that will deliver consistent, reliable data that will provide valuable insight into your business.
    It’s our goal to help you create an operational strategy to better manage your business and maintain profitability by:

    • Reducing risk
    • Billing Responsibilities
    • Removing complexities and legacy systems bogging down your business
    • Relieving the strain on your staff and outdated systems
    • Freeing up your time to focus on investing, gathering and retaining assets
    • Servicing your investors

  • Spend your time where it can have the greatest impact.  Free valuable time to serve clients and foster new business opportunities.  Eliminate the headache of back office operations without sacrificing service.

    Back Office

    Aurora is offering comprehensive back office operational services to support the efficiency and scalability of your practice. Leverage our scale and know-how so you can stay focused on revenue generating activities.

    Investment Operations

    Investment management is only part of the solution. Then it needs to be implemented.  And unlike pooled investment vehicles like mutual funds, your clients typically have multiple taxable and tax-deferred accounts that require greater diligence and are ideally managed at the household level.  We will assume responsibility for the daily download and reconciliation of client accounts plus all trading, re-balancing, trade allocation and tax efficiency.

    Client Reporting

    Then there is the regular work to produce the client level reporting that you and your clients need to oversee financial progress.  We will be responsible for client level reporting and its delivery through a client vault branded for your practice.


    Often the most time and patience consuming processes are account set-up and administration, billing and online document management. These require a familiarity with the custodian and your practice as well as trained staff to be done right.

  • At Aurora, we don’t just talk about technology – we are committed to delivering integrated and industry-leading tools that make it easier for you to do business. Our singular focus is on providing you with the resources, technology, insights, support and expertise not only to realize your vision of what your business can become, but to help you unlock the value of your most important asset: YOU. Our custom-crafted Aurora platform allows you to hit the ground running with a fully-integrated and powerful best-of- breed technology lineup. We’ve crafted an open architecture custodian agnostic platform, free of any proprietary products which allows you to compete with the largest financial services firms in the country.

  • As our industry continues to change and evolve, Aurora Private Wealth has recognized the importance of leveraging consulting, coaching and bench-marking within your peer group. Whether you need business planning, tracking support, guidance on client segmentation, service delivery models or advisor leadership development coaching, Aurora and it’s practice development platform provides the insights and technology to help drive better and more consistent results.

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