One of Aurora Private Wealth’s core advantages is having its own independent broker dealer to accommodate hybrid financial professionals. Our Broker Dealer also is considered an RIA Fee Friendly Broker Dealer for unaffiliated Registered Investment Advisory Firms.

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APW Capital, Inc. is a full-service independent Broker-Dealer, and a member of FINRA and SIPC. As an independent broker-dealer, we generally do not create our own securities or products and bring them to the public market, giving our advisors the freedom to make independent selections of investment products. We are agnostic when it comes to such decisions, leaving our associated advisors free to offer what they believe to be best for their clients.



APW Capital, Inc. serves two primary types of advisors: those working in a single-platform, hybrid relationship with Aurora Private Wealth, Inc.; and those who have their own, unaffiliated RIA firm and branding, but still need an independent broker-dealer to meet certain client needs.

Some advisors with APW Capital, Inc. are also investment advisor representatives of Aurora Private Wealth, Inc. There are several benefits to this “hybrid”, or two-part relationship, including:

  • Learning and dealing with only one compliance system, since an overarching compliance scheme supervises all of the Aurora companies;
  • Working together with one experienced team of back-office and compliance personnel, who serve both companies; and
  • Simplification of the payment, business charges and tax reporting process, because these are unified as well. This hybrid relationship helps our advisors stay focused on their clients, while our seasoned staff streamlines their business processing needs in a comprehensive fashion.



Over 60 of our offices nationwide consist of financial advisors who are affiliated with APW Capital, Inc. for “fee-friendly” broker-dealer services, but who provide investment advisory services to clients through their own unaffiliated Registered Investment Advisor firm. Such firms have a different name from our companies, and are independently owned by the financial advisors. Those advisors are responsible for the compliance, operations and technology infrastructure of their own organization, and only interact with us for Broker-Dealer business. Usually, very little to none of the fee income generated by their independent investment advisor is received by us. We are one of the leading firms in the industry in this space.

Advisors who only join APW Capital, Inc. gain access to a broad-based Broker-Dealer platform with many of the same benefits as those affiliated with our RIA, Aurora Private Wealth. These include a streamlined, best-in- breed technology offering, institutional pricing on certain products and services, succession planning support with a ready market for the sale of their business, practice management support, access to institutional fixed income offerings, and more.

Aurora Private Wealth supports Advisors’ transition to the fee based world, allowing them to continue to benefit from the trails of their legacy business while still being able to support their clients with mutual funds, 529 Plans, variable annuities, alternative investments, and traditional transaction based brokerage accounts through our clearing relationship with Pershing, part of the BNY/Mellon family of companies.

The Aurora companies, including APW Capital, Inc. are discerning when it comes to accepting advisors for affiliation. Our extensive discovery process ensures our advisors:

  • Are experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, as we are generally not a training ground for “rookie” advisors. Those that are new to the industry must be a part of another organization with the responsibility to train and to foster that advisor’s professional development locally.
  • Meet stringent personal financial stability standards. While any person can go through challenging times, we expect our financial advisors to be financially stable themselves.
  • Have limited or no client complaints or professional disciplinary history, particularly as to their personal character. People can make errors or mistakes, but we will not accept those with a significant history of handling clients in an inappropriate manner.
  • Must have a “client first” mentality, and will do the right thing for the client.

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